Vector Gestion

Wealth management is our core business. Our expertise and independence enable us to adapt to your specific needs.

We provide other services with high added value.

Wealth management


Understanding your environment and expectations

Your future and your children’s future depend on good wealth, tax and inheritance planning, and on the choices you make today.

Your wealth manager conducts a full, in-depth analysis of your wealth environment, your personal and work history – your needs, constraints, time horizon and your legal and tax environment – in order to propose an investment strategy in line with your reality.

 We also take an inventory of your future goals – the dreams you are pursuing, the projects you want to achieve, the constraints that will be imposed on you – as well as an assessment of your risk tolerance.


Defining a risk profile and managing your assets

This analysis enables us to determine a personal risk profile, to define a realistic investment strategy and construct a unique portfolio that meets your expectations and needs.

Each manager then applies a personalized investment policy, based on the deliberations of our investment committee and following a very rigorous process.

Our independence ensures that you are completely free to select investment vehicles, which must above all meet our criteria of liquidity, volatility, performance and cost control.

Furthermore, our sensitivity prompts us to pay particular attention to sustainable and ethical investments.


Carrying out careful and permanent tracking of your portfolio

In order to protect your assets at all times, we examine the external influence factors and monitor your portfolio on a daily basis: this daily monitoring allows us to adapt to the different phases of the financial cycles and ensures that the risk profile we have determined with you is respected.

We will review the situation with you at the frequency you wish. This enables us to review each of your portfolio positions and make any adjustments you wish.

Specialized services

Professional sportspeople

Career tracking

It’s well-known that the career of a sportsman or woman is not as long as that of a normal professional. But above all, the amounts earned during this short period can be substantial. Therefore it’s strongly recommended to devise a strategy that takes into consideration this limited time-horizon and enables people to cope with the unexpected: the sudden needs of a sportsperson who might have their contract suddenly terminated – due to injury, lack of performance, etc..

Our services for sportspeople involve a special form of management, which differs from a traditional approach. For many years, our team in Lausanne, thanks in particular to its sound experience of “Family Offices”, has been able to develop this management style which enables us to bring real added value to this particular clientele.

Specialized services


Administrative assistance

When you are going through a period of insecurity or fragility, there’s nothing like a pile of bills or correspondence to demoralize you or bring confusion to your life! That’s why it’s urgent to delegate this administrative work to professionals so that you can concentrate on the pleasant aspects of your life.

Our Vector + services are intended for all those who would like quality support in this area. We take care of all the administrative procedures that you might have, including payments, mail management, health insurance, etc.